At Matara we appreciate the value of a strong team.

We work tirelessly everyday so you can rest assured your day will go smoothly, even if there is a hiccup along the way.

Your Host


Creator, Dreamer, Celebrant

“Matara is a place to express your dreams and celebrate life’s magical moments with loved ones. That’s what I do. You are welcome to too.”

Your Wedding Coordinators

There for you every step of the way.

Holly and Olivia are delighted to be a part of your big day the moment you book Matara.

From keeping you on track to helping select your wedding breakfast menu they know big days inside out

and it is their passion to help coordinate yours.


Holly Roberts

“Matara is my inspiration. It inspires me each day to slow down and appreciate what’s important. The uniqueness and calming atmosphere is the perfect place to work. I enjoy the spontaneity of my role and the flexibility that we can give to each couple to create their own celebration. I value the relationships we build with clients and feel passionate about helping them organise a ‘perfect to them’ day. I never planned to be a wedding coordinator I stumbled upon Matara after a year of travelling and after 9 years I couldn’t imagine doing this job anywhere else. It’s truly a very special place that has grown with me.”

Olivia cropped

Olivia Russell

My initial passion for Weddings came from when I was first invited to come and work at Matara as part of my university degree. I had no clear direction in my mind about where and how I would like to go forward in Hospitality and Events. Matara changed that, and was where my passion was created. Matara has the foundations that truly create something special, and it isn’t just about ‘Weddings’. For me it’s creating a relationship with each and every person who comes through Matara. My favourite part of a wedding day, is watching the Ceremony take place, and seeing the two come together at the top of the aisle, seeing the look of absolute, joy, happiness, love and excitement in their eyes, it is so special, and I feel very lucky to be a part of that.”


Chef Luke

Chef’s passion for food is abundantly clear

when you taste his creations.

Always looking for new ways to delight guests

taste buds why not ask him to

create the perfect seasonal menu

for your big day?

“I strive for the best and to be the best chef I can be, to make sure the bride and groom have the best day of their lives and for them and their guests to rave about the food. There is nothing nicer than when someone pulls you to the side to thank you for doing a great job. 

I am also inspired to do my best when I look around the house and the grounds and see how beautiful this place is. I think to myself I’m the head chef here and work with really friendly, genuinely nice people. Finding that is hard in this day and age.”

The Dream Team

These two fabulous ladies keep Matara ticking.

From house keeping, to floral arrangements, to finding an extra pair of nylons,

they move heaven and earth to keep Matara stunning.


Jean Smith

“I’ve worked at Matara for 20 years and every time I drive into the carpark I marvel at the beauty of it. It’s like my second home and I love the very essence of it. I’ve seen Matara evolve over the years into this haven of peace and beauty. I played a part in making Matara a wedding venue and still enjoy working some of the weddings as evening supervisor. I’ve met lots of lovely people through the years and my three daughters got married here so it really does have a special place in my heart. I should of retired but can’t quite cut the ties, Matara is a part of me.”


Kelly Stokes-Richardson

“I consider myself very lucky to be able to work in such a beautiful and peaceful place. Matara has given me the opportunity to be creative with flowers and venue decorations. Being here is helping me to grow and that has a lot to do with the people around me.

I also feel very honoured to say I was the first bride of Matara almost 14 years ago.”



Front of House

True leaders of the pack

there are three fabulous members of our team

that are there to greet your guest,

make sure everyone feels at home,

have what they need

and that the rest of our event staff are

where you need them when your glass is empty.

wayne entrance cloistered courtyard


“I enjoy meeting different people from different backgrounds and knowing I help their day run smoothly and play a big part in creating that special day is really very rewarding. The fact that Matara is such a stunning place in the perfect locaton is a real bonus I love working at Matara, the reason is simple, its great FUN.”

Vicky_Matt Davies

Vicky Smith

Matara is a very special, unique place. I feel very privileged and lucky to have been part of the team for over 11 years. 

Over those years Matara has helped me express my creative side, and grow in confidence.

Everyday I learn something new and new ideas from other brides and grooms, and it was from this that gave me some inspiration for my wedding at Matara 8 years ago.

Everyday I go to work I feel like I am home! And a job like that is very rare to find! 


With grounds as extensive as Matara’s

comes a lot of upkeep.

Dan’s partiality to a leaf blower,

or let’s face it any piece of machinery,

keeps Matara picture perfect

and all of our fountains flowing.

“Gardening is a fantastic job, watching each day to see new sprouts come up and grow is amazing. There’s always something to look at and marvel at. Working at Matara gives me this opportunity.


Creative Director


Jack of all trades, perilously unafraid to try her hand at anything, Tara takes the crazy ideas of the team and makes them beautiful. She also has a few hair brained schemes herself.

“I believe in everyone’s dreams and want to see them succeed. For reasons unknown when I come across someone who is doing something for the pure passion of it I have to help them communicate it to everyone. Matara is a leader in passion. Geoffrey’s vision and creations at Matara are magnificently unnecessary which makes them essential. They remind us to dream, to take time and to revel in the beauty of both man and nature. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?”


Our vision at Matara is to continually develop a relaxed, unique and joyous place that allows you to celebrate all of life’s moments your way.

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