Matara's Gardens & Parklands

The Matara Centre is set on 28 acres. For the last 25 years Geoffrey, your host, has dedicated much of his time to the Gardens and Parklands here. Setting aside half of the land to rewilding there are now natural water, woodland and parkland habitats where deciduous plants and wildlife are thriving. He has also created magical, travel inspired, gardens throughout the property.


Formal Gardens

There are 5 formally arranged gardens at Matara. The most renowned is the Cloistered Courtyard, where many of the weddings at Matara are held. Inspired by Chinese courtyards and replete with Coy carp it is spectacular in every season. You are encouraged to come and explore the grounds. Discover for yourself the Palm House, Kitchen Garden, a re-imagined Stableyard and the Rose Garden, alongside so much more.


Matara's Parklands are a treasure trove of flowers and fauna. With over 1,500 trees planted in the past 25 years, the introduction of 3 ornamental ponds and the renaturalisation of the woodlands there is always something new to discover.

Matara's Restorative Gardens

We believe in the power of gardens as a restorative tool towards a sense of vitality and well being. Like many, we believe that self healing can be achieved through immersion in nature. It is with these beliefs we develop and maintain our gardens and parklands creating a restorative environment to rest, renew and connect people and place.

"Perspective means taking a step back and

realising that we are all just little fish in a very big pond."

Steve De Masco