Some Thoughts on Meditation and Living an Intentional Life

This is the portal to our blogs that relate to the philosophy on which Matara has been created. The journey is forever changing and evolving through Geoffrey's  curiosity, his desire to create things of beauty and his invitation to nature to be back where it belongs, in our everyday life.

Our Special Family Reunion

A Special Family ReunionWhen the restrictions began to lift in May we were very happy to be able to reopen Matara’s parklands, woodlands, and gardens to the public. Geoffrey, Matara’s founder, is a strong believer in connecting with nature as a means to slowdown and reflect on what is important in life.Jimmy Edmonds of the Good Grief […]

Mindful Walking

Mindful WalkingGeoffrey Higgins, the founder of Matara, can be found doing one of two things almost everyday. He will either by out in the parklands or formal gardens at Matara working on the newest project – be it the wildflower meadow, building the new poly tunnel or reconfiguring a water feature to create a more tranquil flow. […]

Carving Out Change

Carving Out Change Everything constantly changes. Adapting to these changes and challenges can lead to a creative and positive experience. When the cloistered courtyard at Matara was designed there was a massive beech tree standing in the line of the wall. Many would have chopped the beech down and built a straight wall, Geoffrey chose […]

Spiral towards Healing

Spiralling Towards Healing The spiral is found throughout nature, from our dna, to leaves, waiting to unfurl, to shells, reaching out to the cosmos. The ancients believed that both physical and spiritual energy flowed in a spiral form. It is said that a single clockwise spiral represents the concept of growth, expansion and cosmic energy […]

Leaving the Everyday Behind

Leave the Everyday Behind Matara welcomes you to come and experience it’s gardens and parklands. As you explore you will pass through gates, arches and doorways. Passing each threshold will take you to a new world, escaping ordinary life.  This has been inspired by traditional Chinese gardens where arches and gates are used to symbolize […]