Spiralling Towards Healing

The spiral is found throughout nature, from our dna, to leaves, waiting to unfurl, to shells, reaching out to the cosmos. The ancients believed that both physical and spiritual energy flowed in a spiral form.

It is said that a single clockwise spiral represents the concept of growth, expansion and cosmic energy while a single anti clockwise spiral is  represents the sun, and a double spiral represents how opposites depend on each other.

With those concepts in mind walking spirals and labyrinths have been created across the world to offer places a meditation, contemplation and healing. Including at Matara. 

Geoffrey, Matara's founder, first came across the concept of a Healing Spiral in Charlotte, North Carolina at a street art exhibition. The concept is simple. Two spirals are laid within each other. One going clockwise the other counter-clockwise. You enter the counter-clockwise holding in your mind a concern you would like to let go of. Follow the Spiral inwards contemplating this concern and when you reach the centre allow this concern to fall away. As you leave the spiral on the clockwise path hold in your mind what you want to happen that will address the concern you started with. This visualization leads to the reality of the concern being dealt with.

Next time you are at Matara, take a wander out to the spiral and try it for yourself.