Terms & Conditions for Nominations of the Best of Matara 2019

  1. This event is run by Herons Mead Inc.
  2. You may nominate yourself OR someone else.
  3. The nominee must have participated at an event at Matara during the 2019 calendar year.
  4. Nominee may be a professional or amateur.
  5. You may nominate as many people as you like.
  6. Please fill in a separate form per nomination.
  7. Please only nominate each person once per category and event. ~ for instance if you attended two events at Matara and the same photographer was there on both occasions you may nominate that photographer for the two separate events.
  8. All nominations must include at least one photograph with a maximum of 5.
  9. Each category in the nominations has sub-categories. For an idea of the sub-categories used in the past please see the results of the Best of Matara 2018
  10. To nominate alternatives to flowers, ie, feathers, crochet etc, please enter under the flowers category.
  11. For inspiration purposes only categories may include but aren't bound to: Under Photography : Getting ready, Uncontained Excitement, 24 Karat, Best Light ~to name but a few. Attire: Shoes, Accessory, Wedding Dress, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen The Cake: Home made, the Uncake, Cake
  12. Nominees may be eligible for more than one category.
  13. It is up to the organisers which sub-category each nominee is placed.
  14. Call for nominees closes at 11:59pm January 5th 2020
  15. From the nominations the organisers will select the finalists (up to 5 per sub-category)
  16. The public will decide who the Best of the Best are by casting their votes in a poll.
  17. This poll will open January 9th 2020.
  18. Please see full details on voting below.
  19. Have more questions? E-mail them to tara@matara.co.uk
  20. Have a suggestion for a category, please add it to the comment box at the bottom of the entry form.

Terms & Conditions for Voting of the Best of Matara 2019

  1. This event is run by Herons Mead Inc.
  2. You may vote ONLY once.
  3. Anyone is eligible to vote.
  4. By casting your vote you will be entered to win one nights stay in the Honeymoon Lodge at Matara (subject to availability)
  5. The nights stay is non-transferable.
  6. You must be over 18 years of age to be eligible for the draw.
  7. Winner of the nights stay is chosen at random.
  8. Herons Mead reserves the right to disqualify votes if they feel there is a violation of the rules.
  9. Voting opens on January 9th and closes at 11:59 January 19th 2020

Terms & Conditions for the Winners of Matara 2019

  1. This event is run by Herons Mead Inc.
  2. Winners will be announced Thursday January 23rd 2020.
  3. Winners will be invited to an awards dinner to be held at Matara.
  4. Date to be announced.
  5. The dinner invitation is non-transferable.