White Dresses and Green Weddings

With awareness of the environmental challenges we face, people are becoming more thoughtful and starting to look at the impact their wedding might have on the environment.

Your wedding day is a perfect opportunity to share your green values and practises with trusted family and friends.

We invite you to join us in exploring Green weddings and you may wish to include commitments to the environment in your wedding ceremony.

Geoffrey has been aware of the environmental issues over the last 50 years and we have tried to build sustainable practises over the last 25 years within the fabric of Matara. We would like t share with you, Matara’s present day practises;

We have planted 2000 trees and have 2km of hedgerow – which offsets most carbon footprints from our weddings

We have dedicated 50% of the 28 acres of parkland as a wildlife sanctuary and have created woodland, wetlands, meadow land and hedgerow habitats

There have been no chemicals or pesticides used on the land over the last 25 years – resulting in a rich insect and bird community

The Grey water from the Matara centre is recycled in a reed bed system – a natural system we cannot put any toxic chemicals through it – to the most part we use Eco-Over cleaning products

Food – Free Range & Organic where possible and all sourced within a 30miles radius, the fish we use is all sustainably sourced, Diary products are organic and Shipton Mill where the Flour is sourced from.

70% of our General Waste is Recyclable

We Encourage people to pick flowers from our hedgerows, we recommend Organic Blooms that grow all of their cut flowers locally and avoid buying overseas flowers from Holland.

Encouraging couples to recycle wedding decorations, and suggesting any leftover flowers to be donated to local hospitals/hospices

We love the idea of charity wedding favours and we have seen lots of couples asking for charitable donations instead of gifts too. There are lots of environmental charities who could use your support, including Greenpeace and the International fund for Animal welfare.

10% of our profits go to charity – focusing on local needs such as homeless and the work of Rory’s well providing clean water and nutrition for people within the outline villages of Sierra Leone.

Future Practices:

We will work to reduce our waste at Matara by 25% by December 2020

We will look at carrying out a Green Independent audit

In essence your wedding celebrations can be low Carbon-emitting, socially-responsible, energy efficient and embrace the Four R’s – Reuse, Reduce, Recycle and Repair.