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Whether you want to dig deeper into your big day with musings from your host Geoffrey, or learn more about some of our suppliers this is place to look.

Observations from the Matara Team

The Matara Team lives and breathes weddings, and they know Matara inside out. Learn about what motivates them, what they love about Matara and how to have your best day.

Lucia & Jon | Real Winter Weddings at Matara

Off season weddings are growing in popularity and we were wondering why people are opting to get married outside the ‘normal’ wedding season. Who better to ask than the couples themselves?Lucia & Jon were married at Matara this past January. They had the most incredible day, a melding of Jon’s Icelandic and Lucia’s Chinese cultures. […]

Wedding Vows & Promises

Bigeye PhotographyWedding Vows & PromisesThe best thing to hold onto in life is each other.Living together in a lock-down, through this pandemic, goes against our very nature and tests any relationship. It is a once in a lifetime experience, living in close quarters with one or two people, losing our social circles and interactions. Couples […]

Carving Out Change

Carving Out Change Everything constantly changes. Adapting to these changes and challenges can lead to a creative and positive experience. When the cloistered courtyard at Matara was designed there was a massive beech tree standing in the line of the wall. Many would have chopped the beech down and built a straight wall, Geoffrey chose […]

Spiral towards Healing

Spiralling Towards Healing The spiral is found throughout nature, from our dna, to leaves, waiting to unfurl, to shells, reaching out to the cosmos. The ancients believed that both physical and spiritual energy flowed in a spiral form. It is said that a single clockwise spiral represents the concept of growth, expansion and cosmic energy […]

Leaving the Everyday Behind

Leave the Everyday Behind Matara welcomes you to come and experience it’s gardens and parklands. As you explore you will pass through gates, arches and doorways. Passing each threshold will take you to a new world, escaping ordinary life.  This has been inspired by traditional Chinese gardens where arches and gates are used to symbolize […]

Getting to know Suppliers 

Choosing the perfect supplier is hard. We have asked some of our preferred suppliers to answer our version of the Proust Questionnaire to help you learn a bit more about them.


Peter Smart | Wedding Photography

Peter Smart | Wedding Photographer  Peter Smart answers Matara Centre’s version of the Proust questionnaire. What is your idea of the perfect wedding?Well organised and planned so the bride and groom are not stressed on their wedding day.What is your greatest fear when you are working on a wedding?I have no fear.What is your best trait that […]

Martin Dabek | Wedding Photography

Martin Dabek | Wedding Photographer Martin Dabek reveals photographing the wedding itself its a small part of all the tasks that have to be done by a professional wedding photography.What is your idea of the perfect wedding?Guests with sense of humour, outdoor ceremony, live music (sounds like Matara wedding!) and basically where couples put their personality and […]

Miki Studios | Wedding Photography

Miki Studios | Wedding Photographer Ash Davenport from Miki Photography talked to us about what he hopes to capture when shooting weddings…What is your idea of the perfect wedding?It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on your wedding, how many guests attend, or how big your dress is. The only thing that matters is that the […]


Grown not Flown Wedding Flowers

GROWN, NOT FLOWN, WEDDING FLOWERSFresh Blooms on your wedding day are a MUST for almost every couple. Have you considered where those fresh blooms come from? The majority of flowers available worldwide are flown in from Holland, Africa, and South America. Most are heavily treated with chemicals and fertilizers, have no scent and arrive at […]

The Wilde Bunch | Florist

The Wilde Bunch | Florist The Wilde Bunch discusses breaking the rules with the desire to create a unique design for every bride. What is your idea of the perfect wedding?Getting a challenging design right for a Bride. The more original…the more fun for us…it’s our desire to create a unique design for every bride.What is your […]

The Great British Florist | Florist

The Great British Florist | FloristThe Great British Florist explains how flowers will be original, expressive, and will be created to work with your ideas and themes for your day.What is your idea of the perfect wedding?Wild – lots of foliage, feathers, candlelight beautiful blooms and lots of laughter! 
What is your greatest fear when you […]

Jenny Fleur | Florist

Jenny Fleur | FloristJenny Fleur loves working with natural seasons of flowers and describes what she believes to be the special touches to your special day.What is your idea of the perfect wedding? A relaxed, informal day, outside on the beach or by the coast surrounded by family and friends – I grew up in Cornwall […]


White Villa Films | Videography

White Villa Films | Videography White Villa Films talks about the value of wedding films which are so often overlooked and why they should be given more thought. What is your idea of the perfect wedding?The perfect wedding for us as videographers really revolves around having that energy and genuine happiness present. With this everything else just […]

Music Wedding Video | Videography

Music Wedding Video | VideographyKev from Music Wedding Video opens up about immersing himself within the day and capture it as it unfolds documentary style.What is your idea of the perfect wedding?A perfect wedding is one that the couple loves, loves, loves. The couple need to make the conscious decision that they have done everything in […]

Hair & Make-up

Forget Me Not | Wedding Hair Stylist

Forget Me Not | Hair StylistKirsty Smith from Forget Me Not Wedding hair specialists shares where she draws her inspiration from and what she can’t live without in her job.What is your idea of the perfect wedding?My idea of a perfect wedding is for the sun to be shining and all my dearest family and friends […]

Natalie Ricciardi | Make-Up Artist

Natalie Ricciardi | Make-Up Artist James Fear puts down his camera to answer our version of the Proust questionnaire. Read on to find out who he most admires and what he would do without a camera.What is your idea of the perfect wedding?Everything running as smoothly as possible and being around happy, relaxed peopleWhat is your greatest […]


Darren Campbell | Wedding Entertainer

Darren Campbell | Magician  Award-winning magician speicialising in engaging, interactive close up magic answers our Proust questionnaire. What is your idea of the perfect wedding? Two people in love surrounded by friends and family who love them. Basically a lot of love!! What is your greatest fear when you are working on a wedding? Forgetting one of […]